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Few tips on how to navigate the site;


Use "Search Matches" menu to search for team matches based on your desired criteria. You can limit the search to official matches like championships and qualifiers or to friendly matches including friendly tournaments.

Only matches played by national teams "A" are displayed. A match is not necessarily counted as official by both associations; player statistics are included only when recognised as official by relevant association. Searching for matches against all opponents will also give you results against restrictive teams.


Ongoing or recent tournaments are highlighted in the "Ongoing Tournaments" menu. Archived tournaments can be accessed through "Search Matches" menu.

"Season List" menu is an archive of recent tournaments where match data is (for most part) available. This list is available in drop-down boxes on player pages and can be used to filter player stats.


Individual teams can be accessed through any tournament pages or through "Search Matches" menu. Player stats will display stats only relevant to the tournament from which the team was accessed. Use the drop-down box to access data across all seasons. Warning! This function can be heavy and slow.

Head-to-head stats for teams will display all official "A" matches against national teams. Semi-official matches are not included.


Use the search box (top right) to search for individual players.

Player profiles are dynamical; stats are updated once a match is added and played. Stats can be limited to specific tournaments/seasons if they are recent (see "Season List").

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